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Advantages of New Age of FemiLift

Added Value for Patients

MediFemme offers value add services please see our services page. We offer Pap Smears, 

`The Bullet` Cocktail IV Drip, full blood screening and more.

Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal laxity can lead to diminished tightness and sensitivity in the vaginal area, causing decreased satisfaction during sexual intercourse and creating a significant quality of life issue.

Stress Urinary Incontinence

Using micro-ablative energy to achieve a deep thermal effect, FemiLift stimulates collagen renewal as well as contraction of the elastic fibers, inducing rejuvenation and remodeling.

First Health Insurance

More and more South Africans are using First Health Finance
to pay for their medical procedures, because they do not have a medical aid, or because their medical aid will not cover the procedure.

Introducing the New Age of FemiLift

Welcome to the New Standard

FemiLift – the new standard in precision and innovation offers a non-invasive solution for cases of Vaginal Laxity and Urine Incontinence of medium severity without surgery, anesthesia, pain or down time. Patients report almost immediate return to activity, including sexual intercourse, as well as quality of life and enhanced self esteem.